Student Concert on 8th November 2015 : Comments sent to IMS President

I would like thank you and all IMS members for yesterday’s program. The program was more than awesome. You would not have expected what I saw there and heard the youngsters singing and playing the musical instruments. I was very impressed and felt like I was in a magical dream. Reminded me of our days when my kids were performing in front of 500 students and their teachers years ago. It was more than impressive. It made me proud of those youngsters. Practice makes them perfect that was my motto and these youngsters definitely showed it.  I wish that you all, IMS members keep on continue this tradition yearly and encourage those children. I am willing to give them scholarships with no more than the best musical expectation of their performance. You’ll do not expect me to say as tribute for my late husband but the gesture from the Gohil family. Hope you all think about and make it a yearly program.

Rashmi Gohil

My sincere thankfulness to IMS for organizing such an event where performing arts and our cultural heritage got promoted through the kids born and raised in this soil. My heartfelt gratitude to Rashmi ji for creating this platform where the kids’ endeavor was appreciated through your benevolent scholarship and encouragement. Such a noble mission you have taken, and what a unique way of celebrating the virtuous life of our beloved Mahendraji, whose devotion to music has always been as engulfing as his smiling face irradiating peace all around.

Raja Banga

My heartfelt thanks to you and all others in IMS for holding this event. It made the efforts of all the teachers worthwhile and will encourage all the students going forward. It was a fitting tribute to dear Mahendrabhai for his dedication to the cause of Indian music. Special thanks to Rashmiji.

Shruti Sample

All of us here in Houston who enjoy Indian classical music are indeed fortunate to have dedicated people like you & others who bring our Devine music for all of us to enjoy. With the concert that we had on Sunday, Rashmiji has added one more feature to IMS, & that is to give platform to our youngsters who are seeking this Great art. Our sincere Thanks to IMS & to Rashmiji.  Also a Great way to remember Dear Mahedrabhai every year through this music which was not only his passion but his way of life.

Jamuna Murali

I would like to Thank you and all IMS board members for giving a platform to our young artists to perform. To perform on the stage requires a lot of sincere practice at home, but students learn and experience something very important once they perform on stage. Without this learning experience a student can’t be a performer.  This is a wonderful opportunity for all students who are learning and practicing sincerely, also this is a great way to remember Dear Mahendra ji. Once again my sincere Thanks to Rashmi ji and IMS board members.

Pt. Shantilal Shah 

Concert by Pt. Indradeep Ghosh on 6th June 2015

It was a very enjoyable and soothing evening, listening to Pt. Indradeep  Ghosh. He is indeed a very talented and creative artist.
Thanks to the IMS for getting talented musicians. The organization provides a great opportunity for us classical music lovers to enjoy great music in a very informal setting without taking away the musical experience. Looking forward to many more.
– Sujata Desai

Concert by Niladri Kumar on 9th May 2015

Niladri Kumar is really a rising maestro in Sitar. This new generation sitarist has perfect blend of classical as well as fusion flavor of the music.

When he was tuning his sitar for his first raaga and when I realized raga “Shree” I was completely surprised since this raag is very rarely played on instrument and that too on sitar. It is preferably a vocalist raaga. Aalap, Jod, Jhala was presented as if any great vocalist is singing this raaga, completely Gayaki style presentation was made by him. Drut bandish was exceptional, when talked to him realized that it was by Ustad Ali Akbar Khan saheb.

Post Interval session was also phenomenal. Never heard of different style of Bhairavi presentation like this before. That shows how experimental he is in music.Cherry on cake is his funny and humorous interaction with the audience by cracking some jokes and keeping the atmosphere very lively and homely.

Aditya Kalyanpur played very fluently and he is just like Niladri Kumar, a rising star in Tabla. Though he was not feeling well, nobody noticed that prominently during his rendering some of the jawabs in the performance. Drut teen taal he played so comfortably and easily without any effort, that was commendable. Very good balance of daya and baya was noticeable during whole performance.
– Nishad Kanhere

Morning Raaga’s by Pt. Sanjeev Abhyankar held on 25th April 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed this concert of morning ragas by Pt. Sanjeev Abhyankar. We are very fortunate to have an organization like IMS Houston providing a stage for the best musicians from India and upcoming artists alike. The great quality of this concert is a testament to the very impressive singing of Pt. Abhyankar and also to the highly skilled accompanying musicians, Shri Ajinkya Joshi (Tabla) and Shri Milind Kulkarni (Harmonium).

Being a student of Tabla, I would like to talk in more detail about the accompaniment of Ajinkyaji on Tabla. Years of dedicated riyaz showed through his control of the Tabla and firm hold on the tempo. Ajinkyaji not only kept strong and steady theka, but also took full advantage of every solo opportunity, displaying tremendous skill and speed with clear and full bodied playing.

Milindji blended the harmonium beautifully with Pt. Abhyankhar, echoing the mood and melody perfectly while adding to his singing.

This concert was a rare opportunity to enjoy morning ragas from some of India’s finest musicians. Thanks goes to IMS for yet another wonderful concert.
-Jason Zinn

If there is one word to describe the ‘Morning Ragas’ concert given by Pt. Sanjeev Abhyankar this past Saturday, it would be ‘Mesmerizingly spellbinding’. Well actually that is two words, but that just proves my point that words are not enough to describe the amazing experience it was to listen to Pt.Abhyankar.

Pt. Sanjeev Abhyankar opened the concert with the majestic Lalit Raag. Starting with a badaakhyaal in Vilambitektaal, he elaborated the Raag explaining the meaning of the bandish to the audience. He then proceeded with a chotakhyaal and effortlessly glided over all three octaves using amazing layakaari in the intricate taans.

The give and take of notes and rhythms with his two accompanists Ajinkya Joshi on tabla and Milind Kulkarni on harmonium was truly enchanting to hear and watch.

Panditji then followed with Jaunpuri raag. Each note crystal clear like rays of morning sun, each expression of the words in the bandish rendered to touch the audience’s heart. It was ‘surbahaar’ or shower of musicality all around!

My personal favorite was his own composition in raag Asa-Maand. The way he brought the ‘saam’ on the word ‘Baiyaan’ was extremely sweet to hear and lovely to watch as his down to earth smile conveyed his own joy for the music he created!

The concert ended with a Marathi Abhang written by SantTukaram and composed in Raag Bhairavi by Panditji.

It was a concert that could have gone on and on, as the audience was spellbound and mesmerized. Panditji ended the lovely musical morning but we came home enriched with a divine experience to remember till his next visit to Houston.”
Bhagyashree Dhavale

 “Thoroughly enjoyed the concert. What a voice! Crisp, smooth and draws you in…tempted to say that I found divinity in Sanjeev-ji’s voice!Came out completely fresh, energized and full of life!
Vikas Gurugunti

Was blown away by the depth and sheer beauty of his music. We became a part of this ‘picture’ he was creating! Inspires me to practice more…!
Pat Penukonda

2015 Opening Concert By Pandit Suman Ghosh held on 14th March 2015

“It was a privilege for the Indian Music Society to open its 2015 season with an incredibly versatile and accomplished vocalist as Pandit Suman Ghosh, showcasing Houston’s very own talent. His knowledge and command of the intricacies of rare and less performed ragas was a treat for the packed house”.
-Sonal Bhuchar

“The opening with an importation of Carnatic raga was a rare treat. Rasikpriya is not heard much in Hindustani style and it was very entertaining and educational to listen to the rendition via a Sanskrit sholka. Then later on, we heard another very pleasing Carnatic raga transported to the Hindustani system – Hansadhwani which has become very common in the Hindustani style now.

The bandishes in TilakKamod and KaunsiKanada had their own personalities along with just the tarana in Kirwani. The Sanskrit bhajan at the end had the whole audience participating in rhythm keeping and pulled in to the music being created on the stage.

The mastery of tabla accompaniment was evident throughout the program. The slow and steady vilambitektaal was just as mesmerizing as the tremendous variations of laggi and tod in the bhajanitheka towards the end of the concert.

The harmonium accompaniment was amazing, sticking with the vocals like a shadow. Even when there were two harmoniums playing, their blend and consistency with each other was mind boggling.”
-Anil Gokhale

“If Gharana is a language, an individual style within the Gharana is like a dialect. Pt. Ghosh’s dialect is rich in its content, originality and sound. Pt. Shah and Shri Kotasthane played with individuality but as distinguished team members. Rarely does a 3 hour concert last for 24hrs in ones ears – phenomenal opening!”
-Sunil Pangarkar

“It requires luck to listen to such performances. Pt. Ghosh has God’s grace”.
-Sharad Kavdi